It's Time to Celebrate Your GoddEss-ence

I am so excited to be presenting the first ever Goddess Flow Retreat in Lake Anna, VA.  This retreat in designed to celebrate the divine feminine in all her glory, mystery and beauty.  We will immensely delve into the art of ecstatic flow, womanly arts and self-love mastery. With grace and  vigor we will explore the depths of feminine essence that has for to long been sheltered in order to protect and unhold patriarchal society.   I know you feel the shift happening on this planet. It can no longer be ignored because the Goddess is awakening!

No longer will we just go with the flow to protect the status quo. No, we won't continue to compromise our integrity to make others feel comfortable.  Now it's time to dismantle the blockages holding you back from expressing your true authentic self!

It's time to awakening my Goddess!  It's time to reclaim your power Sistah!  Yes! You are my Sistah and in this collective we will together lift and unleash the global love consciousness. As we awaken, we remember our magic, and we do it unapologetically.

What's Included

All meals and snacks

First come: 

2 queen suites
2 double occupacity

Recreational Activities:
Jet skis, kayaking, canoeing


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