About Voni
​Voni, received her training from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and is accredited by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is the founder of Fruitful Lotus Massage & Wellness , a massage and corporate wellness solution company serving the Baltimore/Washington, D.C tri-state, MD.  Voni is no stranger to the spa industry.  From 2005-2016, she, along with sister were the proud owners and founders of New Day Mobile Spa, one of the first full-service mobile day spas in the tri-state area.

A veteran of the U.S Army and former data systems analyst, Voni now practices as a nationally certified massage therapist and Certified Holistic Health Coach in Columbia, MD. She facilitates programs and workshops specific to the preservation of womanly arts, pleasure cultivation and expression, nutrition, and reproductive health and sexual wellness.  Her mission is simply to plant to seed of hope for women who feel disconnected with their bodies. She is determined to raise up the global LOVE consciousness by giving women and men the resources to taking back their health.   

Bringing awareness to issues that affect her community, Voni realizes that good health goes beyond eating kale and green juices, but also about healing, self-love, experiencing pleasure, minimizing pain, creating sustainable disciplines for our mind/body connection, healthy relationships, and of course GREAT sex!

As a Sexual Wellness Coach Voni hopes to inspire people to have honest dialogue about how sexual energy plays in their lives. Her Adult Sexual education classes teach participants how to fully tap into sexual expression, from the bedroom and beyond. By inspiring men and women on a global scale to embody the greatness as Divine sexual beings Voni aspires to change pop cultures perceptions and mis-education around sex as just a physical get-off and "bump and grind", but also a vehicle for transformation leading us on a fun and fulfilling, heaven on earth experience.